Our Culture

We pride ourselves in creating a positive and uplifting company culture. This begins with our physical office space and translates through to our ideology.

Culture Shock

The Evoke Group crafts culturally rich media experiences that can only be accomplished with a perfect storm of talent, hard work, and pushing against the norm.

We are a pro-active and forward-thinking digital creative agency that are all artists at heart striving to get noticed. We are always pushing ourselves to put out better and more successful work for our clients. It starts with fostering a great creative culture where all the magic happens.

Our Ideology

We believe that everyone and every company is the absolute best at something. It is our job to help define what that competitive edge is, foster it, and highlight it through creative media.


We expect our clients to take a creative journey with us through research, insights, and evaluation of their current activities to educate the decisions we will be making in relation to the work that we do. With our agency, we feel it is imperative for clients to work directly with creatives to make sure their needs are met.

Our Staff

Our goal is to provide a warm and creative atmosphere to learn and grow together. Our tight-knit group of creative professionals is what makes us stand out in this industry, and we refuse to ever lose that. Each of us have exceptional skills in specific areas -- some of them may overlap but we will always deliver better products as a team.

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Our Tech

Our technology has been important to us from the start. This is why we use every resource available to supply the most cutting edge technology for every project. We are constantly searching for new tools to increase our efficiency and quality which ultimately shows in our final product. From our 4k video production gear to providing 3 monitors at every desk, we value our tech.

Our Space

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