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For this project our overall goal was to improve the overall presence and online perception of Midwest Bone and Joint Center as an organization to make the online experience correlate better with the experience of being a patient of theirs. The practice has been in business for over 10 years and now has 4 facilities through Northern and Mid-Missouri. As the practice had continued to grow, it was time for a complete overhaul including restructuring the website and producing engaging video content that would separate the company from their competition and give potential patients a look into the level of care and treatment they provide.

When taking on Midwest Bone and Joint Center, we saw a need in the medical community to bring back the relationship building model as a staple in the community and friend to the public in the presence of the practice. As health care continues to become more business oriented, it is rare for patients to have personal relationships with their doctors or for doctors to be heavily involved with their immediate community. With Midwest Bone and Joint Center, our intention was to provide a friendly but informative user experience online that was personalized to the practice and made users feel like they were in the right place.


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When researching private medical practices and specifically orthopedic surgery clinics, most of the competitor’s sites online lacked a personal connection and many were full of duplicate content from other similar sites. In regards to patient education, our team found it cumbersome on most sites to find any valuable information about what to expect when facing orthopedic issues and potential surgery. Many of the sites were filled with external links (links that take the visitor away from the website) and generic content that did not build any frame of reference or insight into the practice. Additionally, most practices have overused obvious stock photography and still carry outdated design and development practices.

Alongside our website research, we discovered the lack of quality and engaging video. Video production and implementation on the website not only drives Site Visit Duration up, but has been proven to drastically increases the likelihood of patients following through with scheduling an appointment.



Our goals for this project overall were to increase the success of existing business development practices, make it easier for patients to gain information and interact with the practice, and give visitors a look into what the practice is like while showing the people behind it while building a foundation for future advertising efforts. In order to accomplish this, we worked directly with the marketing manager internally to develop a resource center on the website to store all PDF’s used for business sales to be stored online and easily accessed.

We worked to produce videos about MWBJC’s full service worker’s compensation services that allow for evaluation, surgery, and recovery all under one roof as well as a video piece to introduce Dr. Chris Main and give a look into his personality as the owner of the practice and the primary surgeon. This “Meet the Doctor” video works to build trust with potential patients evaluating Midwest Bone and Joint Center.

Additionally, we wanted to improve the representation of the team behind the organization overall and updated the staff pages of the website with additional content and information and updated staff headshots. We worked with the marketing department of the practice to create new staged photos for all of the service pages as necessary. During this process, we filmed the 3rd video, focusing on the practice as a whole featuring candid staff, patients, and actors. In order to fuse the practice with the local community, we also filmed a 4th video focusing on sports injuries showcasing the local high school football team in Macon, MO. This gave a hometown feel, associated the practice with a small town lifestyle similar to the areas they market to, and showcased their community involvement locally.



Overall this project is on-going as we continue to further develop the website and manage initial digital advertising campaigns with the newly created video assets and website as a lead generation foundation. In the first week of launching the website the practice generated 3 new patient requests online using the updated and new form systems, as well as allowed the practice to expand business development efforts in regards to securing more Worker’s Compensation agreements with larger companies.

We expect the project to have a significant impact overall and will update the case study accordingly with the results from our digital advertising campaign.

Our Work:

Words from the client


"Working with the Evoke Group has been a fabulous experience. From the initial meeting and planning stage to the completion of our project, Adam, Austin and the team were very responsive and professional. They bring tons of energy and creativity to the table and are very knowledgeable on the latest trends and techniques for effective marketing. We are very pleased with the outcome of our project, plan to continue working together and recommend them without reservation."

- Denise Bennett | Marketing Director