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Innovative Headphone Storage iPhone Cases



Over the course of nearly 2 years, we have worked hand in hand with Sound Pockets to develop a wheelhouse of graphic design related products. Sound Pockets unique iPhone case was immediately intriguing to our team. The case itself includes and stores earphones, a slim wallet pocket for credit cards, and quite a few additional features and uses. We were excited about the opportunity to work with this brand and help them grow as they develop new products.


Ultimately, we provided a wide scope of design services including:

  • Front and Back Flyers for the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show
  • Trade Show Booth Design for the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show
  • 6 Page Product Brochure
  • 8 Page Product Reviews Booklet
  • Multiple Presentation Designs for partner/vendor presentations
  • NCAA Custom Case mockups and renderings
  • Series of 3 e-mail campaign designs
  • In-Store Product Stand Design
  • Product Photography of Cases



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Product Photography


Headphone Storage iPhone Cases


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Industry Research


In the case of Sound Pockets, we were not serving as a full marketing arm, but rather a creative arm to produce creative content as described and provided by the client. We worked with Sound Pockets to focus their design in an “Apple Spin-Off” fashion, utilizing clean lines and modern type. We worked to reach their target demographic by stringing the style through the various products we created, from a flyer to a full trade show booth.



The broad goal for all of the Sound Pocket’s projects was ultimately new sales and vendor relationships, though each product had unique goals and intentions. We held a number of phone conferences and video meetings for each product to determine the best plan of action before moving forward with initial thoughts and ideas. Even working remotely, we delivered each product with efficiency while meeting the set goals for each design.



Throughout our relationship with Soundpockets, we have watched them develop a number of new innovations to their product and design while establishing new vendor relationships. We helped in their growth from product photo formatting for delivery to new online vendors to physical stands for “brick and mortar” vendors.

Our Work:

Words from the client


"The Evoke group has been instrumental in creating our various print materials and trade show booth for the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas."

- -Brian Cohen, Sound Pockets