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Your website and your brand are the centrifuge of all things digital marketing. Sure, you can run successful digital ad campaigns online without a solid online presence and solid brand – but are you getting the most value out of those activities? We help our clients re-evaluate where they are positioned in the marketplace, whether or not they are in need of “refreshed” images to stay relevant against new competitors, or maybe their brand messaging isn’t connecting with the millennial audience. We help businesses maximize their advertising spend by “tightening up” all aspects of design to drive higher conversion rates, higher click through rates – but most importantly build brand advocates and loyal customers from a foundation of trust and clarity in Columbia, MO and Denver, CO.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”
– Uncle Ben

At The Evoke Group, we pride ourselves on high level in-depth creative services that help businesses grow, make money, and raise awareness.

Graphic Design services

Graphic Design is one of the most accessible creative services in today’s world but quality design goes way beyond a pretty image. We are well-versed in best practices and standards across all areas of digital design and focus on making every aspect of your brand scalable – from the way your services are organized and described to the design assets we create. We have a 100% success rate for satisfied customers when engaging for Logo Design and help to establish the brand beyond just the logo which can be carried into all other aspects of creative. We help our clients create a clear and consistent message that builds trust and converts. Our team of illustrators and graphic artists are always prepared to take on unique challenges – so bring them on!

Logo Design

Get noticed with a strong logo mark


Print Design

Brochures, business cards, signs oh my!

Custom Iconography

That little something extra

Material/Package Design

Did someone say ecommerce or merch?

UI/UX Design

How’s it look? How’s it work?


Consistency is key with good branding

Web Services

The cost of a new website is way over-shadowed by the increased Return On Investment when improving the way customers interact with your brand. Many businesses have had a negative experience with web developers and are skeptical of the investments they make. We understand this and focus our processes around educating our clients on how good user experiences work and how to interpret the data to make decisions for their company. Our relationship often starts with the website but it continues and grows as we grow the online presence of your business together. Sometimes, updating your website can double the impact of your digital advertising and Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Web Design

We make it look good

Web Development

We make it easy to use

Web Hosting

Blazing speeds and security

Landing Page Design

Let’s add some content shall we?

UI/UX Design

How’s it look? How’s it work?

Ecommerce Web Development

Sell your products and services to the masses

Custom Integrations

Let’s make your tools talk to your website

Wordpress Development

A framework that’s easy to use and update


Management & SUpport

Support after the build? No problem!

Video Production Services

Utilizing video to engage your customers is one of the best ways to build your brand – but it also often the hardest and most complicated part of marketing to utilize. We focus on making the video process simple and making sure that there is a return in mind and a goal with your video. We have seen countless beautiful videos produced for companies only to receive 200 views from their friends and family. We build our creative strategy based on the distribution strategy which is why many of our campaigns outperform the competition. Winning over 20 peer reviewed awards for Video Projects doesn’t hurt either.


Get organized, set talent, prep

Video Production

Capture beautiful video


Let’s get that perfect edit and recolor


No cameras? No problem!


Testimonial Videos

Share great reviews with the world

Sizzle Reels

You’re awesome, let’s show them how awesome

Explainer Videos

People want to know how it works

Video Advertising

Let’s position assets in the right places

Product Videos

Get your products out there!

We are great at what we do and we aren’t shy about it

We partner with brands that have similar ideals and values and do our best to have a positive impact on the world with the media we produce and the advertisements we distribute. If you are looking for a “black-hat” sneaky agency that games the system – we are not your agency. If you are looking for a guide to navigate your digital strategy and merge your creative plans with customer engagement strategies, then we may be a good fit! We always listen to our clients, but “The customer is always right” does not apply to digital marketing. We provide accountability and additional marketing oversight that can become crucial in monitoring how your marketing is performing and key decision making.

Brand advocacy starts with trust and ends with experience.

If we’re being honest – we love building strong brands. The creative side of what we do is what fuels our souls but the performance and distribution of what we produce is what fuels your business. Our team is made up of well versed artists and creative minds that bring our A-game to every single project we take on. We may work across a lot of different industries but our goal remains consistent.

First we make the brand more attractive by refining your messaging and image to connect with the right audiences. We generate content that builds trust. Then, we maintain top of mind awareness with a high frequency of engagement through retargeting after generating a lead.

Maybe you’re tired of dealing with flaky creatives. Maybe your creative assets are “tired”. Either way, we can help refresh both your brand and your mindset to get on track for steady growth.

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The Evoke Group - Columbia, MO
505 Fay St. #204
Columbia, MO 65201

(573) 303-5476

The Evoke Group - Denver, CO
1415 Park Ave. W 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80205

(720) 619-4232

©2024 The Evoke Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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