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The Value of Video.

At The Evoke Group, creative video done right is our forte. We provide professional commercial video production services directly to clients as well as to other creative agencies in need of corporate film production. Our unique style of full service video integrates every step of the process – Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. First, we define the goal of the video. Then we develop a creative script and carry it from conception to a polished deliverable ready for market. Our commitment to quality and consistency is why many of our satisfied clients will tell you The Evoke Group offers the best video production in Columbia and all of Missouri.

Today nearly 40% of Internet usage is dedicated to streaming video. YouTube attracts nearly one billion unique users worldwide per month. Digital video production can powerfully impact your business. We identify your specific target market on the web, and use the impact of video to introduce them to your product or service.

According to a study by the (University of Pennsylvania) Wharton School of Business, prospects are 72% more likely to convert to purchase of a product or service when they see a video. Moreover, those decisions to buy are made more quickly on the heels of video exposure.


Read the breakdown of our video process below.

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Common Video Styles

Sizzle Reel

A sizzle reel is typically an intense and fast paced video designed to pump up your audience. This type of video can be used to start an event or as a initial sales contact piece over email. Sizzle reels do not go into detail but they leave the viewer wanting more.

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Testimonial Videos

One of the best ways to tell people about your business is to let someone else do it. Strong testimonials from real clients is one of the most compelling ways to establish trust with potential customers.

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Explainer Video

An explainer video is typically placed on a companies website or delivered as marketing content. The purpose of these videos is to explain why your company is a better choice than your competitors. Whether you are an established brand or a fresh start up, an explainer has longevity and effectively tells your story.

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Disruptive Video

A disruptive video is generally used for digital advertising primarily as a challenger brand or when demanding a specific demographics market share. Disruptive ads can be humorous, create fear, or be controversial in nature. These ads are effective with highly targeted campaigns when utilizing a smaller budget.

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Documentary Videos

Sometimes the true story is more impactful than a scripted performance. Documentary style videos combine interviews and capture live events wrapped inside of a narrative framework.

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The Wildcard

Not all video concepts fit into a box. We want to hear your ideas, collaborate, and listen. We produce corporate projects exclusively, and do not film weddings or music videos.

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Digital Advertising


Digital advertising is very affordable and, with over 4 billion daily views on YouTube alone, very profitable. You’ve probably seen ads on YouTube before a video loads. But have you ever thought about seeing your own ad on YouTube? Our video commercial production services can help make this a very profitable (and cost-efficient) reality. With a pay-per-click payment model, you’ll only pay for people that watch or click on your ad. With that guaranteed engagement, you pay for what you get. Nothing more. Pay-per-click ad placements provide a very high rate of impressions and video advertising is an affordable way to create brand awareness for your organization. The best part is the results. Calculated, measurable, reported results.

Broadcast Television


A well-crafted video can be tweaked to fit any platform. At The Evoke Group, we have a wealth of experience in all forms of video, specializing in commercial video production and corporate film production. Our videos and green screen productions are flexible enough to be adapted for a wide array of uses. When we shoot a commercial for television, we make sure it can easily be adapted to work for websites, trade shows, and anything else. We deliver our end product in a variety of file formats and lead you through the media buying process. Don’t waste your time with settling for the TV station’s production support. A business should spend 20% of their television budget on quality creatives to maximize their overall ad spend.

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Video Production Equipment

We take great pride in investing in our tools for video production. When filming with video commercial production clients, efficiency is equally important to quality to keep the production in motion and avoid interrupting everyone’s general work duties. We have invested in professional motion equipment, a green screen, lighting, and camera equipment that all allow us to maintain a fast paced work flow without sacrificing production quality. Creativity cannot be limited by equipment capabilities. If we do not own the equipment needed for your production, we also rent additional gear for specific productions when necessary. Our equipment locker is constantly evolving to increase the quality of the end product and continue improving our video production services.

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Audio Engineering

Our team has a wealth of experience in audio engineering, both professionally and recreationally. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of quality sound engineering for video. Finding the right music and licensing, the right voice-over talent, foley sounds, and finishing it with impactful editing can noticeably distinguish a quality video from a boring one. Within our equipment locker we can provide a professional voice over studio on location, capture voice overs at our studio in-house, and professionally edit your content to specific station standards and formats. Audio drives 50% of the viewers experience when interacting with video content, and it is a point in the process where many professionals cut corners. We have licenses for Pro Tools 11 and Logic Pro 10 as well as a variety of professional plugins to deliver the highest quality audio we can with all of our projects.

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We provide full scale animation services from scratch that allow your business to explain complicated concepts using fluid motion and visual representation of the impact of your services. We start with storyboarding the concept to define all of the sequences that will be necessary. Then we create the script and record a sample voice over to create an animatic reel to showcase the concept. From there we create all the assets by hand in Illustrator and complete the animation in After Effects. Certain animation projects call for 3-D Effects in which case we use other software. Our award Winning Animation skills might be just what your company needs to stand out in the market.

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Video Hosting

Aside from our video commercial production services, we offer an extensive range of unique video hosting solutions including Vimeo Pro hosting from our channel, setup of branded YouTube channels for your business, and Amazon S3 file storage for load balancing on website load times. This enables us to display your videos in crystal-clear, sharp quality that will impress your viewers every time.

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Our Process


  1. Conceptualization
  2. Scripting
  3. Project Timelining
  4. Budget Tracking
  5. Estimates for production crews
  6. Finding Talent
  7. Location scouting


  1. Utilizing In-house green screen/drop black screen/white screen
  2. Use of the highest quality HD Camera Equipment and constantly evolving camera operating techniques
  3. Use of lighting, tripods, slider rigs, steadicams, jibs, cranes, cars, helicopters, drones, and more.


  1. In-house post-production utilizing the industry standard Adobe Master Collection
  2. Editing/ processing of video and audio
  3. Visual effects/motion design
  4. Create HD broadcast for television, youtube, vimeo, website i-frames, etc.
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