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After many years of collaborative work together, we formed an official partnership with VEA Technologies to ensure our client’s digital marketing strategies are ready to go – and effective. We know that inspiring video and captivating photography only really makes an impact when it’s in front of the right audience. This partnerships allows our two teams (Visual Creative & Digital Marketing) to specialize in what we do best – in order to create the most powerful campaigns possible for our clients.

Content services

Content Marketing is changing constantly and people spend more time consuming media than ever before. Many companies make the mistake of just constantly repeating their sales copy which leads to boring your existing customers and not converting any new ones. The solution is to produce content people actually want to engage with and answer their questions related to your industry or services. We build robust content strategies and help automate the relationship building process that is required when people spend 11 hours a day on average engaging with media and brands.

Social Media

Smart social is smart business

Email Marketing

Place well drafted emails to your lists


Blog Writing

Writing specific to your industry


Blog Publishing

You write it, we publish it

Website and Sales Copy

Increase sales with quality copy


eBooks & Long Form Digital Content

Have a lot of information to share? We got you!

Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization companies are easy to find but not all services drive the same results. SEO standards and best practices are constantly changing and we stay up to date with Google’s algorithm changes to make sure our efforts are not wasted. Many agencies report on basic metrics and make minor site adjustments each month instead of actually solving the problem. 1. We research where the traffic is – 2. We target the traffic with content, site adjustments and technical SEO improvements – 3. We get the traffic.

Local SEO Optimization

Capture your local market


Metadata Optimization

Climb rankings through META

Internal Backlink Strategy

Establish strong internal backlinks

External Backlink Strategiy

Get them to link to you


Content Strategy & Planning

Content is king

Landing Page development

Always updating always changing

Website Optimization

Loading faster means more leads

National SEO Strategy

Capture a national market

Global SEO Strategy

Capture the global market

Digital Advertising Services

Digital Advertising is easier than ever to get started with automated systems provided by Facebook and Google – but are you getting the best bang for your buck with those investments? We help our clients navigate these murky waters by identifying the best platforms to use based on your customer target and sales cycle. We build dynamic strategies that focus on getting the right amount of touch points for top of mind awareness during the buying cycle and then giving up on the user if they don’t convert within the right period of time. We focus on the Return On Ad Spend and Cost Per Conversion more than the impression volume and number of “clicks”. We don’t optimize our campaigns based on what is easiest, fastest, or best for our reporting and retention. We focus on driving actual results and actual increases in revenue and scale the strategy along the way when you are ready.

Google Search, Product & Display ADS

Be seen on google

AdRoll Display & Retargeting Ads

Take advantage of previous visits

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Advertise on social channels

eCommerce Retargeting & Cart Abandonment

Bring them back to your products

Video Advertising & Displays

The world is moving, so should your marketing


YouTube Advertising

Get started with youtube or perfect your channel

We are great at what we do and we aren’t shy about it

The Evoke Group has the unique position of being highly awarded and recognized for quality web development and video production work while also being exceptional at managing the campaigns with the assets we create. Our processes condense all account research, data, and knowledge which allows us to execute changes and adjustments quickly while also identifying opportunities for improvement each month.

We believe in the power of well managed campaigns that put the right content and message in front of the right people at the right time. When these campaigns are backed by stellar creative and UI/UX processes, we generate a significant increase in conversions and have done so successfully across more than 20 different industries.

Market smart and position your assets effectively

Typically, we start by identifying the “lowest hanging fruit” – i.e The most affordable and easiest to execute opportunity that will immediately drive an increase in opportunities and revenue. From there, we identify opportunities to improve conversion with retargeting our new traffic and converting existing “owned traffic” to customers. We consistently bring new ideas and the “next step” to your marketing plan without pushing you to spend more than you are comfortable with.

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The Evoke Group - Columbia, MO

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©2024 The Evoke Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
The Evoke Group - Columbia, MO
505 Fay St. #204
Columbia, MO 65201

(573) 303-5476

The Evoke Group - Denver, CO
1415 Park Ave. W 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80205

(720) 619-4232

©2024 The Evoke Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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