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Design dictates perception. Every brand you know and love has invested in exuding the personality that properly represents their image. Through a unique and collaborative brand design process, we fuse strategy and graphic design to create a clear message and increase perceived value of your brand. Becoming iconic can happen because of a variety of reasons, but the one common thread for all successful iconic brands is consistency. Ranked among the top graphic design companies of Missouri, The Evoke Group provides a consistent message and a bold visual identity throughout all media utilized within your marketing strategy. Each of our graphic design projects is approached by a well rounded team to combine both strategic decision making and compelling visual design. A design agency providing a diverse team is almost always more effective than a single designer when it comes to the end product.


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Brand Identity

From your first impression to your tenured clients your brand identity is the centerpiece of your market value, it is the lifeblood of your company’s recognition within the marketplace, and it goes way beyond your logo. Brand identity is your personality, it is your language and voice, and it is the emotional connection that you leave people with. Perception of your brand identity is the cornerstone of every service that we offer and it begins with graphic design. A consistent brand identity must be carried through all mediums.

Inconsistent brand messages will only serve to confuse potential clients and lessen your impact of cross-platform efforts. In a successful business, every marketing tool and material drives towards a singular, clear brand identity. Our dedication to consistent, thoughtful messaging and imagery is why The Evoke Group is regarded as one of the top brand design companies in Missouri.

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A few components for a healthy brand:


Everyone knows that a logo is important. Our Missouri logo designers offer meticulously crafted, effective logos that meet current brand standards and needs whether you’re in need of a retro throwback image or a contemporary, modern logo design. Our graphic design team begins the process by conducting market research and working with the client to define their market position. From here we take it to the whiteboards and define the style of creativity that best fits the brand design. With proper strategy and goals in place, our logo designer team produces various renderings of potential creative directions. From there, we define the direction and begin the refining process. We will then set future brand standards and deliver a brand style guide to ensure consistency throughout all future marketing materials. Once the logo is finalized, it is essential to update all existing logo placements across all print and digital platforms. The general rule of thumb is to re-approach your logo every 5-7 years. This does not mean starting from scratch, but as the times change you should refresh your presence to keep up with modern logo design practices.

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Web Design

A great website takes more than just great code. The web design process starts with design before any lines of code are ever written. This allows us to provide a situational analysis and make swift design changes before ever starting the website build. When designing a website, we take every aspect of your existing online presence into account and set future goals for the new website to drive our design decisions. With strategy in place, we strive to create a beautiful work of art that effectively represents your brand, reaches your audiences, and converts traffic into profitability. Our custom websites do not utilize store bought default themes. Each project is unique and begins with design architecture on the whiteboard which is then translated in photoshop. We deliver proofs and review our UI/UX plans with our clients before moving onto the build process. Learn more about our Web Development Process.

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Social Media

Social Media is an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your business. Facebook is always growing in numbers, and there has been a surprisingly high increase in adults aged 30-60 using the platform. Social Media is powerful tool that allows businesses to directly reach their target demographic online.

Logo and brand identity must be consistent across all platforms, so upon completion of any logo package, we often include rebranding of social media outlets to launch your new brand presence simultaneously. In relation to digital advertising, we also design custom images to be used for ads over social media.

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Print Assets

There are a wide range of print materials that your business may be already using and each of them should be addressed when updating your brand. We often come across brands that have worked with a variety of vendors in the past for marketing materials, and this ultimately leads to inconsistency. When working with our clients, we implement campaign strategies by designing and producing a wide range of print products with a consistent message. Whether you need internal marketing materials or national ad campaigns, our design and copywriting team will deliver professional and polished deliverables everyone will be excited about.

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Large Format

Many times the idea of large format advertising is tossed aside in marketing meetings, but out-of-home applications can be very effective at garnering attention for your brand. We provide creative services for large format printing and it is often a valuable component to a well rounded marketing campaign. With short display times, large format placements demand concise messages and we will help you craft a memorable message that leaves an impression in 4 seconds or less.

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Digital Ads

Investing in quality creative ads will always lead to a more effective use of your ad spend. We create digital ad placements for all major online media outlets. Each digital advertising account is different, but we develop all necessary sizes and orientations for our campaigns to maximize the value of your placements. Our process always includes a two person team to develop copywriting and graphic design strategies in unison. This ensures that our campaigns are driven by goals set by an established strategy, not just aesthetic design.

The landscape for digital advertising is vast, and we always begin with a scheduled consultation to discuss your existing media buying strategies and current outlets in use.

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Character Design

When approaching animation projects and even simple design projects, sometimes a product or service may call for a character. The advantages of a character is to create a protagonist that viewers latch onto that is capable of exuding a clear brand personality. This process includes extensive research and discovery to define the profile of the perfect character for your marketing needs. From there we sketch a variety of concepts and styles to choose from. Once a style is chosen and finalized, we move onto color selections and provide final renderings with suggested names and information. These completed characters can then be used for animation projects, print materials, and even radio ads once a voice is defined.

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Our Process

Our brand design process begins by taking a long hard look at every company we consider working with to evaluate our potential partnership. We now live in a media rich environment and brands go much deeper than a logo and color swatches. A brand signifies a lifestyle; clearly defined, they encourage their audience to champion their beliefs and values. Brands are now more reactive to their followers. We design and create materials to facilitate your brand culture and engage the proper audience.

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