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Your website says everything.

Simply having a website for your business is not cutting it. Any business of any size should be investing in a powerful sales generation platform while integrating their existing technologies with new tools that streamline the process. Gone are the days of asking for directions or digging through newspapers advertising local businesses. That would be too time consuming. The average consumer picks up their phone or tablet and searches.

When they find you, it is imperative that what they see is impressive and relevant. The subliminal decision making process begins instantly. Having a solidified brand identity and representation that is carried throughout each medium can make the difference between a good business and a great business.

Our professional web design team in Columbia, MO writes, develops, designs, codes and manages every hub of your digital marketplace. We utilize cutting edge website design technologies and follow the best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We create captivating brands and empower existing ones. Utilizing innovative development techniques, sleek graphic design, and cinematic video production assets paired with effective messages, we partner with businesses to increase their perceived value in the marketplace. It seems complex, but we make it simple. 20 years ago, you could expect to hang an open sign in your window and the customers would begin to flow. Since the onset of the Internet, all of your competitors have been right next door, encroaching on your customer base and profit margin. From a mom-and-pop restaurant to a global corporation, an intuitive and comprehensive website is essential for any business to succeed.

At The Evoke Group, our website design agency focuses on what counts: actionable metrics, lead generation and conversion, and building brand equity. We take every aspect of your business into account, and build more than just a website.


Read the breakdown of our web process below.

Customization of Wordpress

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System to date. Used to power more than 60 million websites, it has the largest community of collaborative developers creating toolkits that reduce the cost of robust business tool systems. With over 30,000 plugins available, it has a wide range of functions useful for any site. The platform allows for extensive customization without hindering our clients ability to make edits themselves.

No store-bought or off the shelf themes here; we offer high-quality custom web design services. We handcraft every single website we build from the ground up. Our Columbia, MO website designers take a concept from the chicken scratch on the whiteboard to a polished piece of art. We don’t constrain our clients to generic, stock themes. Mass-producing bland, cookie-cutter sites is ineffective. We maximize the customization potential that WordPress offers.

At the Evoke Group, we customize each site with a degree of precision and attention that can’t be matched by other companies. From whiteboard to web, we start from scratch to make an original, custom framework that will stand above the clutter. Don’t bore your clients with stock templates. Command attention with custom web design and unique themes. Your customers will know the difference.

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Responsive Design

Nearly half of web traffic worldwide is generated on mobile devices — and this number is growing rapidly. Delivering a website that is as easy to use on a smartphone as a desktop is essential. Mobile websites are a thing of the past. A truly responsive website will look great on all screens large or small. We evaluate our sites using virtual simulations of smartphones and tablets to ensure that our sites function properly on all standard devices.

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If you sell a product in a storefront, you should be selling it online. Online shopping continues to take a larger market share from brick and mortar outlets year after year, and you don’t want to be left behind. Modern online shopping has placed all of your competitors at your customers fingertips. If you’re not competing for sales 24/7 with an online storefront, somebody else is.

An e-commerce website is a daunting task to take on – but don’t fret. We do all the heavy lifting and prepare our clients to manage their new store front effectively while integrating with their existing technologies. We can help you comply to all modern required standards for online transactions, we provide professional photography of all products, upload and manage all content according to current SEO standards, and take all measures necessary to provide a safe and secure online store in order to ensure a positive customer experience.

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An effective message must be carried consistently through all mediums for effective marketing efforts, including your website. At The Evoke Group, we become a part of your business allowing us to synthesize your personality and brand into effective marketing materials that speak to your target effectively. Trained in journalism and strategic writing, our copywriters can use interviews, shadowing, and various other techniques to learn your business inside and out. Our years of experience in professional writing enable us to strategically weave your brand identity and sales style throughout your site in one consistent, clear, and cohesive voice. We’ll capture the essence of what makes your business unique and clarify your message to your customers.

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At The Evoke Group, we offer Convenience Hosting. We have the capacity to host sites directly using our own servers, which are available exclusively to our clients. Not only does this allow for greater control of the design and hosting process, it also spares our clients of the headache-inducing chore of setting up and managing your own web hosting servers. Most importantly, our exclusive servers offer our clients the tight security that they deserve. Hosting sites on our servers also provides us more immediate access to our existing toolkits which allow us to work faster when making additional changes to any website that we have built. All website contracts include 30 days of free hosting on our servers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is a term that encompasses many of the services used to help search engines and, most importantly, your customers to find your business online. The Evoke Group is a business solution used to elevate your results.

Whether you need local SEO or Nationwide SEO we will get you results. Our tried and tested SEO techniques are designed to provide marked improvement in website traffic in a short period of time while we build the infrastructure for organic results that will enhance your business for years to come. Unlike other companies, we forgo binding contracts in favor of implementing targeted SEO techniques designed to get your business such irresistible results that you’ll be excited about continuing to expand your partnership with us in the future.

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Our Creative Process

Overall, our custom web design and digital marketing process is fun, strategic and best of all, effective. We start with a free initial consultation to diagnose the needs and scope of the project. Every project is unique, but once we have started here is what to expect:
We start with a mock-up meeting to brainstorm the site at large and map everything out on a whiteboard. Clients are always invited to be involved with this process to share their creativity and insight.
From copy drafting to the build phase and subsequent style phase, we take the time to make sure our clients are happy with the product every step of the way.
From there, we test the site rigorously to ensure that everything is fully functional before the public site launch. After the launch campaign, we typically recommend that clients establish a marketing strategy for the new site. In most cases we continue working with our clients to build advertising assets, manage campaigns, and drive targeted traffic to the website.

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