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Columbia Strength and Conditioning is a highly tailored training company in Columbia that combines personal training, specialized fitness classes, and meal coaching to get amazing results for their clients. The gym was experiencing major success when they come to us, but with a new year approaching, they wanted to launch a digital advertising campaign to capture new clients as they make their new year’s resolution to get in better shape.

Their plan for the campaign was to drive traffic to two different landing pages tailored specifically for men or women using two separate promotional videos. We were hired to produce the videos and create the landing pages that drove conversions after clicking through from the video.


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Brick-and-Mortor Physical Training facility


Men 35-50 looking to get fit and gain muscle. Women age 25-50 looking to lose weight.

Industry Research


After performing our research, we discovered that successful landing pages in the physical fitness industry provide educational information, emphasize testimonials, and use a variety of billeted lists to provide quick facts.

We determined that the video should showcase everything the client would be getting out of CSC to build perceived value in their decision to invest in a more expensive custom tailored gym option than just getting a membership at another location.

industry research csc
industry research csc



Our goal was to emphasize that with CSC you are receiving a full package, not just a gym membership. You are hiring a personal trainer, dietitian and meal coach, as well as getting a custom tailored workout package proven to reach past clients’ weight loss goals.

We positioned CSC as the premium gym in the Columbia area and showcased past results. We leveraged the expertise of Scott Schutte (owner and trainer) as well as other members of his staff.

Finally our primary goal was to create two separate campaigns including unique facts and media tailored to each gender and their most common goals. Men want to get ripped and girls want to get skinny. Either gender can do both.



The videos we created were run through social media advertising campaigns directing viewers to tailored landing pages we created. We monitored conversions on these pages which achieved over a 30% conversion rate when the industry standard is 3-5%. The video advertisements were highly successful as they were ran in January with great placement and timing.


CSC gained 23 new clients in the first 2 weeks of the campaigns and retained those customers for over 3 months. Past social media advertising efforts were calculated to have an average acquisition cost of around $100. We were able to drive down the acquisition cost through this campaign to $6 per new client.

CSC was extremely pleased with the results and we continue to work with them on future projects. Video can be a very compelling medium to make a concrete argument for why your business is superior to your competitors. Video is an investment in your brand that can be leveraged time and time again.

Words from the client


"The Evoke Group has helped my business grow and become more profitable by improving my marketing techniques through graphic design, website development and video production. They are a one-stop-shop for marketing development."

- Scott Schutte, Columbia Strength and Conditioning