Project Overview

For this project, our goal was to make it very clear to visitors that CPDG was a full-service municipality energy solution company providing all aspects of a project under one roof. The organization came to us as a brand new company but with years of industry experience. Combining engineering, planning, construction, and financing under one company allowed large scale projects to move quickly and cut overhead by reducing the number of companies involved.

This project called for creative video production and a smart website layout to educate city managers and municipality leaders about their service and introduce the core team members in a quick and engaging manner.

INDUSTRY: Municipality Grid Relief

SERVICES: Web Development, Video Production, Graphic Design

BUSINESS: Solar Energy, Engineering Solutions, Project Financing

TARGET MARKET: Municipalities, City Power Organizations City Engineers

Industry Research

When conducting industry research we found that the only similar companies were international and had found most of their success in European countries. We found that showcasing a strong team with experience would be important, corporate branding of presentation materials and explanatory print materials would be very important, and educating viewers about how their company was capable of providing multiple services in order to reduce overall costs would be important.

Project Goals

Our goal for this project was to create a site that built credibility for this new business as they pursued meeting with city boards and decision-makers. We needed to introduce people to their four-step process with engaging video content that could easily pull users further into the site for more information. A secondary goal was to educate visitors about the team behind the organization and their experience when people chose to follow up for more information after contacting them or giving a presentation. The primary goal of the website is to assist CPDG in their efforts and make them more successful in establishing city-wide contracts for engineering and power management solutions.


The length of time between initiating contact with a municipality and moving forward on a power solution project of this scale on average is 1-2 years. Currently, CPDG is in communication with a number of cities and townships that have shown extreme interest in starting a project. So far the website and videos have been a primary source of information and resource for interested parties reaching out to CPDG or following up after a presentation. We look forward to celebrating their future successes with them and continuing to work with them in the future.