When we initially came into contact with the Columbia, MO USA Mortgage branch, they were in need of new print materials to better explain their loan offerings and their branch. They were in need of materials to use themselves as well as for real estate partners to distribute for them. When we began working on print materials, we also evaluated the companies overall online presence and began discussions about improving their site to increase performance and effectiveness in generating leads. So far we have produced 7 loan type videos for use on loan landing pages as well as developed a complete custom responsive website entirely focused on high conversions and providing a great user experience. Integrating the videos with loan information pages has lead to high site visit durations and so far the site has been a great success. More information is to come as we further evaluate the performance of the site.

INDUSTRY: Home Mortgage Loans

SERVICES: Web Development, Video Production, Graphic Design

BUSINESS: Abadi Mortgage Team – Columbia, MO USA Mortgage Branch

Target Market: Potential Home Buyers, Realtors

Industry Research

When beginning this project, we researched the local and national mortgage loan markets. Competition in this market is stiff, however we quickly saw opportunity by taking advantage of recent SEO tactics in order to increase site visit duration and page engagement. Many of the mortgage websites we looked at had very little information about the loans specifically as the rates change frequently and content can be outdated quickly. This also lead to a low volume of informational videos on any of the sites. We also saw a lack of downloadable information for people interested in sharing the info with friends.

Looking into USA Mortgage’s online presence, we found it imperative to promote the team locally who is handling the loans themselves. We found that other loan sites had clunky form processes and asked for too much information on initial contacts.


When preparing to build this site, our goal was to be as educational to potential home buyers and realtors as possible. We developed a portfolio of print materials for each loan type supported by USA Mortgage that were then used as downloadable documents on each loan page on the website. In addition, we filmed loan informational videos with the local branch manager to educate viewers about each loan type when shopping around. In addition, we made it very easy for users to submit their info and ask for a response or schedule a meeting with USA Mortgage throughout the educational experience with multiple form placements and calls-to action.

We also worked with USA Mortgage to develop a comprehensive realtor resource center to direct realtors to in order to empower their educational activities with their clients. By providing visitors with valuable information, we expected to see high return visits and longer site visit durations than most websites, but it required a lot of up front work to create each individual portal for the loan types and pages.


Within 30 days of launching the new site, the website had received over $1 Million in potential home mortgage lending opportunities. The previous site received very few leads yearly and the new site had over 26 conversions in the first 30 days. With nearly 1 mortgage request a day organically, we expect the site to perform greatly once advertised extensively and after continuing to create a stronger foundation with more on-going original content.

Creating the additional print materials has enabled realtors to more easily represent the mortgage company and provide their clients with easy information about various loan types they may apply for. The site immediately drew site visit durations of over 4 minutes on average which is twice the industry standard. We saw form site metrics that landing page site visit duration for loan types averaged around 75 seconds, so a majority of visitors engage with and complete the short videos.

Visit USA Mortgage at http://missourimortgagesource.com/.