The perceived value of a brand is equally as important as the legitimacy of the work it provides. Visual identity is everything. It is the first thing people see and remember.  That is why a Brand Style Guide is an important tool when building your brand identity.   

The Brand Style Guide includes multiple versions and orientations of the logo design as well as set’s the main typeface, a secondary serif typeface and all colors. Multiple versions and orientations of the logo allow you to see the logo in different scenarios. The style guide indicates the primary font used as well as a serif typeface for pairing with the primary typeface.

Consistency is key and colors are an extremely important aspect to have on a Brand Style Guide. Each style guide includes CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and hex-code color information. CMYK is used print projects, RGB is for tv’s and screen display colors and hex-code is for web colors. Having the correct colors across all different mediums is extremely important. It is the first thing people notice and it’s easy to use the wrong the color without a defined set of guidelines.

A company’s brand identity should reflect back to the core brand because it’s the basis for every medium and product a company creates. A Brand Style Guide acts as the guidelines to keep things consistent. Consistency of the brand is extremely important. It’s easy for your vendors to spread inconsistency with different colors and/or different fonts and the Brand Style Guide prevents this from happening by laying out all of the information needed.

Consistent communication is important for a company. It saves time and money. That is why The Evoke Group highly recommends the use of a Brand Style Guide. The Evokes Group brand’s main feature is their stand-alone mark known as the swirl. The swirl depicts innovation, growth, and motion.  When creating a stand-alone mark, simple designs are better than complex designs. The stand-alone mark needs to be able to stand when it’s both big or very small. Intricate stand-alone marks tend to lose detail when shrunken down into a favicon, which is a tiny photo for URL links.

The Evoke Group strongly believes in the use of a Brand Style Guide. It saves time and money because it is a guide that can hold producers accountable. That is why want your company’s perceived value and brand identity to stand out with consistency across all platforms.