“Mobilegeddon”. It’s the term being used for Google’s new algorithm to rank websites on mobile search results. And with the changes going into effect this week, everyone is talking about it. Here’s the important bits, broken down for how they affect you as a user and as a business:

Better, mobile-friendly websites are going to rank higher.

What this means for users:

More than 50% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device, and now Google has made sure that the highest ranking results are fast-loading and easy to navigate and interact with. They have even marked links to websites with a handy “mobile-friendly” tag. You spend less time loading websites that are illegible, and more time finding what you need. No more spreading your fingertips to read the words!

What this means for businesses:

Your rankings on Google searches are going to be greatly effected depending on how responsive your website is. Over 60% of businesses don’t have websites suitable for mobile viewing, which means that 60% of businesses are sure to get less views, less customers, and less sales. Loss of sales you say? That’s a frightening thought. You can still positively effect your google rankings by making your site responsive on all devices and keeping your website up to date with meaningful content and media.