Time is valuable, and the Evoke Group understands that following a schedule is critical when efficiently producing high quality corporate films. In pre-production, production and post-production it is important to be systematic in order to utilize time properly.

Pre-production is the first step in production, which allows for a successful campaign. That is why not jumping the gun on ideas, having a proper script, and shot list establishes a plan. Pre-Production is one of the most important stages because it prevents backtracking during a production.  Shot list are a mandatory service the Evoke Group provides because it ensures a plan of action. With proper organization during the pre-production stage there will be no wasted time on set and we can interrupt a business as little as possible.

During the Production stage having a filming schedule is crucial. By following a schedule you can assure to have specific lighting and people in your video.  Poor timing can lead to compromised shots and missed opportunities.

Investing in the latest technology also prevents loss of shooting opportunities. The Evoke Group uses some of the latest equipment that allows us to produce high quality videos efficiently. The DJI Ronin for example is a 3-axis motorized gimbal that moves quickly and allows us to fluidly produce diverse motion shots. Wi-Fi lapel microphones are also used on set, as well as a Panasonic GH4 camera that shoots in 4k and allows for Wi-Fi monitoring of the shot being captured or remote camera operation. .

Post-production roughly takes twice as long as the production stage. The Evoke Group only produces reel quality videos for our clients, and that is why the post-production stage is extremely important. Depending on where our editing budget lies we edit the video, produce the audio, use color correction, add Foley audio, add motion graphics, and much more to produce an engaging video that keeps the viewers attention and leaves an impact.

Efficiency in corporate film production is important for both the producers and the client. We don’t want to disappoint our customers and that is why we produce high quality videos in a timely manner.  By staying on schedule and using the latest technology we can efficiently do projects from start to completion in a short time frame because each step is completed in house.



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