With this project, we were honored to be given the opportunity to produce the keynote video to be used as the opening piece at the True Media “Truth In Media” Conference hosted in Columbia, MO by True Media. For this event, True Media invited 350 of their clients to Columbia, MO for a media conference with talks and sessions hosted by leaders from Pandora, LinkedIn, Google, and some of the top agencies around the country. For this project, we were tasked to create an exciting video that would showcase True Media’s age (10 year anniversary year), showcase what they excelled at as an agency, and most importantly hype the crowd up about the conference when being played at the opening.

INDUSTRY: Media Buying and Digital Advertising

SERVICES: Pre-Production, Commercial Video Production, Post-Production

BUSINESS: Advertising

TARGET MARKET: Marketing Agencies, Existing Clients, Potential Consulting Clients

Industry Research

We conducted research on similar media buying agencies and True Media’s history. We also researched a variety of keynote related videos. In order to create a final asset with more longevity, we wanted the content to remain fairly unspecific to keep the video from focusing on the event too much to be used in the future.

Ultimately we decided to keep an overall very fast-paced approach to this project to maintain attention and engagement when being shown at the event. We decided not to include any on-camera speaking portions in the video. We spent one full day of filming at True Media’s St. Louis location and a second full day at the Columbia, MO location.


Our goal for this project was to effectively establish why True Media has been so successful and create an exciting representation of the company as a whole in under 2 minutes. A goal for editing the project was to use a flatter color palette in color correction to create a more “hipster-esque” vibe to the video. With a majority of the company being young, we wanted to showcase how forward-thinking the company is, show that they collaborate well, and show that they are always ahead of the curve.

We wanted to depict how fast the company has grown, showcase their accolades and awards, and point out what makes the organization different than other media buying outlets. We had the goal of depicting an inviting lifestyle within the company by filming sequences with employees outside of the office and shots around the St. Louis area. In the video, we also wanted to briefly highlight shots of some of True Media’s client base.

Our overall goal was to excite the crowd at the opening of the event and remind them all why they traveled all the way to Columbia, MO to listen to True Media present as experts of modern media.


This video was a successful opener to the event and was well received by the crowd. The residual impact of the video is still to be determined as it has not been implemented online on True Media’s website yet. We edited the video with two separate versions in mind for future use outside of the event setting. Because of these edits, this video can be used by True Media staff for business development to quickly explain their services and position in the marketplace to new contacts.

Overall True Media was very happy with the final product and we are continuing to work with them on additional projects for a partnering brand.