The Evoke Group is proud to announce we have won a Regional Emmy® for the category of “Magazine Program”! In partnership with Missouri Life Magazine, we produced Season 5 of Missouri Life TV – a travel TV show, featuring the people, places and communities that make our state unique! (watch the season 5 trailer here)

“I’m blown away. We knew we poured our hearts into this production, put in the late nights of production, even rented an additional office for the video team during post-production – but I couldn’t have expected this level of recognition from an esteemed award like this. I’m proud of our team, Missouri Life, Meredith our host, and lastly myself.”

-Austin Kolb (Co-Founder – The Evoke Group)

Our production with Missouri Life TV received two nominations – for our episodes on the Lake of the Ozarks and Route 66 (from St. Louis to Joplin), with our Route 66 episode taking home the win! Our video production team has been humbled by this award, as well as inspired for our future productions…including Season 6!

Watch the Award-Winning Episode!

In addition to our Regional Emmy® Award win, we helped make MLTV (Missouri Life TV) accessible to a whole new audience, a digital audience – segmenting each episode and building out a robust Youtube Channel for MLTV that’s growing in subscribers each day! Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on future episodes!

“When Austin and I started the company, we saw that equipment, software, automation, and production processes were rapidly changing and becoming more accessible. We’ve developed an extremely unique and flexible approach to video production. We make it easy for the client, agile and ready for change on set – and focus HEAVILY on pre-production planning to make sure there’s no kinks on production day. This Emmy is kind of a culmination of all of this – our planning, processes and vision for the future. This TV series was produced entirely by 2 people and we took an Emmy® against large broadcast stations, full production crews, and teams much larger than ours. This just proves we were right 6 years ago. “

-Adam Weber (Co-Founder – The Evoke Group)

Lastly, we want to say thank you to our video production team, and everyone involved – as we reflect on all of the amazing opportunities and experiences we’ve been provided throughout this epic journey – meeting a B2 Pilot and Commander at the Whiteman Airforce Base, learning traditional blacksmithing techniques in Perry County, racing speedboats over 100mph at the Lake of the Ozarks and so much more. We even celebrated the Stanley Cup victory for the St. Louis Blues while producing an episode in Warrensburg!

“I am so very thankful to be a part of this show. Not only learning about the wonderful people and places that call our state home but being able to share that with the world is extremely fulfilling. I already felt like a winner having a hand in production, going on adventures doing what I love, and meeting so many amazing folks; this Emmy just puts it over the top!!!”

-Will Moore (Video Director – The Evoke Group)

Below you’ll find a few behind-the-scenes moments from Missouri Life TV: Season 5

Behind The Scenes Gallery



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